SAGE - Regional Workshop Torino

The headquarters of the Piedmont Region Directorate for Innovation, Research and University hosted on the 16th of May 2012 the "SAGE - Regional Workshop Torino".

With this workshop the Italian partners of the SAGE consortium – Regione Piemonte, Politecnico di Torino and Centro Ricerche - illustrated SAGE project and activities to more than 80 participants, but also:

  • presented results obtained so far and those still to be fulfilled, in order to highlight skills and capability of the region for the launch of the "Torino automotive cluster"
  • started - during the "open discussion session" held in the afternoon - a useful dialogue with the triple-helix regional actors in order to enhance cooperation on SAGE issues


Pictures and speakers’ presentations (in Italian) of the workshop are available at this address: 


SAGE brochure more 

Newsletter #5–6

SAGE Newsletter #5–6 more