New OEMs show the way ahead

Published 3.July 2012

An exciting trend in West Sweden is the new OEMs who combine experience and knowhow from conventional vehicle manufacturing with innovative technology. They begin small but aim high and have clear objectives — low environmental impact and high energy efficiency with a focus on professional users.  

 Nimbell develops light and medium-weight electric vehicles for professional use. Primary target groups are municipalities, the postal office and real estate management.  The company has completed an initial series of three vehicles that have been tested with customers to gain experience and test data. The first 15 vehicles are now ready for sale.

 Clean Motion has developed an electric vehicle (Zbee) with room for three passangers aimed at the short-distance transportation market.  The company recently completed a field test fleet of 10 vehicles for delivery to municipalities. 

 CoMan produces low-floor buses, primarily for municipal mobility service. The company has delivered 350 buses — 100 to Sweden, 100 to Japan and the rest to customers in France, Germany, Finland and Denmark. A prototype electric bus is ready for final evaluation. 
 ECar is an electric car company with manufacturing in Sweden, Spain and Switzerland. ECar began manufacturing electric cars based on the Ford Ka in Switzerland outside Zurich. Electric car production in Sweden and Spain is based on the Fiat 500.


Regional and national support has helped to enable these companies to start up their businesses and develop innovative solutions. 




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