IAM (Abruzzo)

Automotive Innovation Pole encourages interaction between companies 

The Automotive and Mechanical Innovation Consortium (IAM) houses more than 100 participants, and its main objective is to strengthen and consolidate the automotive supply chain. The foundation of the collaboration was laid in 2008, and since 2010 IAM has also been the governing body of an automotive innovation pole, as foreseen by European Communication 2006/C 323/01. The mission of this pole is to encourage interaction among companies through shared facilities, increased competencies and skills as well as exchange of knowledge, information and experience for technology transfer and networking. 


The automotive innovation pole provides system actions such as marketing services for attracting new businesses, management of common infrastructures and facilities, training programs, organization of conferences, knowledge sharing, networking and specialized services for both members and organizations outside the pole. 


The Pole in Numbers 

At present time the innovation pole counts close to 80 associates, including two Italian universities (University of L’aqula and University of Chieti-Pescara G.D’annunzio) and two private research centers. The companies in the pole are classified in 3 different categories according to which supply chain they belong to; 2-wheels operators, 4-wheels (mainly LCV) operators and other operators. The pole also differentiate final product or components/parts manufacturers. 


Companies who joined the pole has involved about 15.000 operators with a total turnover of 4.500 million euros in 2009. 49 % of the turnover comes from export business and are relevant numbers for the Regional economy of Abruzzo. 


At present time IAM is involved in 8 national and European (FP7) projects, and 8 R&D regional projects are active and directly promoted by pole members.


R&D Lines of the Pole 


For more information about IAM or the automotive innovation pole, visit the web site: http://www.innovazioneautomotive.eu/en


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SAGE Newsletter #5–6 more