KAIST (Daejeon)

Korean KAIST Graduate School for Green Transportation procures green transport specialists for the future

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) was established in 1971 as the nation’s first graduate school specializing in science, engineering, education and research. In 1986, KAIST started offering undergraduate degree programs in science and technology, and in October 2010 the KAIST Graduate School for Green Transportation (GSGT) was established.

What GSGT does
GSGT was founded to enhance the linkages among various disciplines within basic and applied sciences and technologies-physics, electric/electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, material engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, civil/environmental engineering, and business administration. As well as bring forth the world's top transportation specialists who will develop state-of-the-art green transport technologies and take the lead in the future green transport industry.


GSGT at KAIST emphasizes various technologies related with future transportation in the field of EV, ITS (intelligent transportation system), car-sharing, and micro mobility, etc. In addition, the strategic studies about smart infrastructure linked with connected vehicular safety and enhanced throughputs are also endeavored, simultaneously collaborated with more than 50 of partnered organizations as a core competent research and academic institute in Korea.

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