CEAGA (Galicia)

CEAGA helps position the galician automotive sector as a european leader

The CEAGA Foundation was established in November 2006 and represents the whole automotive sector in Galicia, northwest of Spain. It’s currently gathering 90 member companies, including the PSA Peugeot Citroën Centre in Vigo and the Galician Automotive Technological Centre. The foundation is a natural extension of the Galician Automotive Companies Cluster, created in 1997 by a group of 37 component manufacturers, which aimed to improve their competitiveness. 

What CEAGA does
The main objectives of the cluster are to:

• Act as representative of the sector in front of administrations and institutions.
• Provide periodical monitoring of the plan and adapt it to the changes in the sector.
• Promote and provide integral support for innovative projects. 
• Plan and coordinate the execution of sales and marketing activities for the sector.
• Develop a strategic approach for people, management and Human Resources departments.

The CEAGA’s vision is to position the Galician Automotive Sector as a European Leader in terms of competitiveness and sustainability in a 2020 time horizon, thus contributing to the progress and quality of life of its environment. 
The cluster is currently involved in the implementation of a new plan of the sector, called PAC 2020, which includes 30 projects to be developed in the time-frame 2012-2015. These actions are framed into 10 functional areas: Industrial efficiency; Innovation; Research and development; International expansion; Value chain; Financing; People; Environment and sustainability; Image and communication; and Leadership and Management.


Potential collaboration
The work of CEAGA has been recognized at European level with the “Gold label of Cluster Management Excellence”, awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).


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SAGE Newsletter #5–6 more