GREMO (Nagoya)

GREMO – Creating green mobility through academic research

The Green Mobility Collaborative Research Center (GREMO) was established at the Nagoya University in Japan in July 2011, as a joint-use facility for green innovation in safe and secure transport means and systems. GREMO work hard to achieve a close partnership between humans and green mobility, through academic research.

The Objectives of GREMO
GREMO’s mission is to create a sustainable balance between technology, humanity and the environment. The research focuses on the latest scientific results and technologies as well as thorough studies on the fundamental knowledge in various automobile territories. And furthermore, looking beyond the current technology, GREMO is devoted to foresee and overcome obstacles of the future.

The birth of GREMO has not only brought together various existing expertise in automotive research, but has also created an intimate global collaboration between industry, academia and government. In addition, GREMO also provides educational opportunities for future scientists and researchers, to nurture human resources capable of leading the field of transportation manufacturing. 



GREMO and Chalmers in Collaboration
In July 2012 GREMO and SAFER (Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden) concluded the MOU to promote the academic exchange to develop innovative technologies and foster human resources for environmentally-friendly, secure and safe transportation systems.

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SAGE Newsletter #5–6 more