A dynamic ecosystem of innovation

With more than 300 innovative members, the leading French automotive cluster Mov’eo enables cooperation and interaction between stakeholders in the automobile and mobility industry. The Mov’eo research driven automotive cluster was created in June 2006 as part of the “Pôle de compétitivité” policy launched by the French government. Dedicated to the domain of automobile and mobility, Mov’eo today involves 340 members representing the triple helix of legal entities conducting research, businesses entities, and regional and local authorities. The objective is to make private cars and public transport safe for people and their environment.



Key Player in Collaboration

Forming an extensive and dynamic innovation ecosystem, Mov’eo has become a place where sustainable collaboration between different actors in the automotive industry is built. As a key player in cooperation and interaction facilitation it has reinforced the links between major industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), universities, and laboratories and has built a dynamic network to meet the technological challenges of clean and safe mobility.

Numerous Projects

Located in three regions (Paris, Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy) where 70% of French automotive R&D activities are conducted, the cluster develops innovative collaborative projects to reinforce the international competitiveness of French businesses on the continent and abroad. In six years, more than 300 collaborative projects have been initiated by Mov’eo in the areas of green, safe, and connected future mobility in its Strategic Activity Domains.  


Cooperative Mode of Operation

Mov’eo contributes to the dynamics of regional attractiveness and industry competitiveness through a cooperative mode of operation, partly by means of industry-oriented projects carried out jointly between large, small, and medium enterprises, research institutions, and training organizations, and partly through territory-focused management and the sharing of infrastructure and modern test facilities.


Project Areas 

The Mov’eo cluster forecasts developments in clean technologies, low CO2 vehicles, safe and connected vehicles, and new mobility solutions. Its collaborative projects focus on seven Strategic Activity Domains: Intelligent Mobility Solutions; Road User Safety; Demonstrators and Carbon-free Vehicles; Vehicle Environmental Footprint; Energy Storage Systems; Mechatronics Systems, and ICE Powertrain.


Electric Multi-Vehicle Mooville

One example of a collaborative research and development 
project is Mooville, the new urban electric vehicle for multi-applications. The aim of Mooville is to provide new customer services to the urban area and to give an answer to new urban mobility expectations from the parcel delivery industry and urban authorities. Muses, the design, manufacture and sales company of Mooville, currently offers a range of Mooville electrical multi-vehicles for packaged, dry bulk, and refrigerated goods.


VeDeCoM Institute

An example of a collaborative structural and territorial project is the creation of the VeDeCoM Institute, a public-private institute for green and connected vehicles. The VeDeCoM Institute received an accreditation program and €54 million in funding from the French government in March 2012. The institute already boasts 44 members: 10 universities and educational institutions, 5 research and technical bodies, 12 major industrial groups, 14 SMEs, and 3 municipal governments and urban planning establishments. In 3 years the institute will employ 280 scientists, and over the next 10 years will receive €300 million of investment. The aim of this project is to become the institute for the new sustainable individual mobility sector, with its two applicative sectors: the vehicles themselves, both carbon-free and communicative, and the eco-system for the carbon-free mobility these new vehicles will create.


Mov’eo Facts

•  350 members among 190 SMEs
• 156 R&D projects currently selected and financed (involving more than 1000 partners, representing an overall budget of €794 m and a total amount of public funding of €332 m)
• More than 1000 partners involved
• Overall budget €722 m
• Public funding €309 m
• Provides services to the Mov’eo members in four cross-cutting action plans:
Mov’eo-SMEs: Offering exclusive services to the SMEs and helping them in their R&D  development
Mov’eo-International: Developing international relations, building R&D partnerships and promoting the cluster
Mov’eo-IP: Assisting Mov’eo members in their IP and technology scouting
Mov’eo-Competences: Attracting students and anticipating needs for skills


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